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When a Home Bridging Element releases local attributes to a Remote Bridging Element, some attribute transformation and attribute filtering should take place. Similarly, Remote BE has to filter out unnecessary/unwanted attributes and transform the remaining according to its federation's rules.


Regardless of attribute representation of each federation (eg. Attribute Certificates or simple string values), users want to transport the information included in attribute values. The aim of attribute conversion is to let BE administrators be able to define rules for including and extracting information into/from attributes that can be handled by both federations.

It is worth noting that inside the two federations they can embed

  • the same information into different attribute-value pairs, eg. fooFedHospitalWard: urn:foo:surgery and barFedAbteilung: urn:bar:Chirurgie could carry the same information ("a medical institution has surgical ward"), while
  • the same attribute-value pairs can carry different information, eg. eduPersonAffiliation: student