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Polycom PVX software based videoconference client

  1. Enter Setup menu (wrench icon at upper left).
  2. Set your name under General->General (User Name). (Note: this is not mandatory. Although, a name identifing you or your institition could be useful for remote users.)
  3. Set the following under H.323:
    • Gatekeeper: Specify
    • Gatekeeper IP Address: fz-gk.vvc.niif.hu
    • H.323 Extension: extension number (see step 1 above)
Polycom PVX soft videoconference client settings

After a successful registration the following notification will appear under Gatekeeper IP Address field: "Gatekeeper registration was successful. It is now possible to place calls using IP, H.323 extension (E.164) or H.323 name (alias)".