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How can I dial into videoconferences using an ordinary phone?

Using NIIF videoconference services, it is possible to dial into our H.323 videoconferences from PSTN networks (landline or mobile) and from the NIIF VoIP network. In order to use this gateway service, please follow the instructions below:

Please call +36 1 666 1111 number to access our PSTN -> GDS (H.323) gateway service. This is an internationally available number terminated in Budapest, Hungary. Please note that you will be charged by your local PSTN provider for an international call in case of calling outside of Hungary.

Calling this number you will hear a voice (IVR) asking for a GDS number to connect your phone to. Please use your phone's numeric keypad to type the desired GDS number. Use key 9 to access english language menu.


  • Please note that only full length GDS numbers are accepted here. For example for MCU number 003655119999 you need to enter all the 13 digits.
  • You are allowed to call any international GDS numbers. In addition, using a phone device located in a NIIF VoIP member institution, any GDS numbers can be called without any charge.